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Refereeing in Scientific Journals


·       Annals of Fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics


·       Mathematical Sciences and Applications E-Notes


·       British Journal of Applied Science & Technology


·       Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research


·       Facta Universitatis, Series: Mathematics and Informatics


·       British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science


·       Asian Research Journal of Mathematics


·       Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research


·       Asian Journal of Current Research


·       Süleyman Demirel University Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences


·       Advances in Research


·       Journal of Advances in Mathematics and Computer Science


·       Archives of Current Research International


·       Asian Journal of Probability and Statistics


·       Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science


·       Journal of Basic and Applied Research international


·       Journal of Difference Equations and Applications


·       Journal of New Theory